XPLUS and Webtelligence partnership


XPLUS and webtelligence Partnership Promoting Automated Testing for Microsoft Dynamics AX with Executive Automats (EA).

XPLUS and webtelligence, two firms with a rich tradition of business consulting, software design, development, and implementation, today announced that they have joined efforts to help businesses using and implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX discover automated testing of their ERP system and reach quality levels exceeding their expectations.



The combined forces of the new partners will allow easy-to-use yet powerful Executive Automats (EA) by Dynamics Automated from XPLUS supported by webtelligence IT consulting’s special expertise and experience as a trusted advisor to empower the market to quickly take out the throttling break of manual testing and speed up Dynamics AX performance and quality, hence to adopt modifications and releases of the ERP implementation smoothly.


A number of big Microsoft Dynamics AX implementations have already been run in Germany for years and some further ones were launched within the last months. Complex and considerably customized AX 4.0 and 2009 implementations prepare to migrate to 2012 R3 to be ready for the future AX 7 release, but manual testing is heavy weight in budget, cuts off flexibility and often suffers in quality short before the go-live date.

Alongside Knowledge Base and Development Cycle, Executive Automats belong to the Dynamics Automated family and they play a chief role in ensuring operational reliability of Microsoft Dynamics AX, optimized end user training and streamlining business processes. Dynamics Automated allows absolute control over projects by making them predictable, transparent and precisely measurable.


Webtelligence CEO Michael Roedeske is proud to become a reseller for the German speaking market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, he is sure that using Executive Automats is the easiest and fastest way to adopt solution for function-, process- and regression-testing for Microsoft Dynamics AX in the market. Customers with agile and fast development cycles can heavily benefit from the numerous capabilities of EA to ensure application quality and its optimal performance.


“I am looking forward to follow the slogan of the Dynamics Automated software suite to embrace innovation and deliver excellence,”

said Michael Roedeske, CEO of webtelligence IT consulting GmbH.


“We believe that webtelligence with Dynamics Automated offering will strongly differentiate among Dynamics AX consulting vendors. Only few companies can provide an engineering proof of software quality and strengthen adoption with automated training,”

said Karol Sudnik, XPLUS CEO.


The partnership formed by XPLUS and webtelligence will allow Executive Automats to reach the German speaking market faster as part of webtelligence’s offer. EA are available for purchase from webtelligence starting in September 2015.


For more information about Dynamics Automated please visit - www.dynamicsautomated.com, about XPLUS - www.xplus.pl and www.webtelligence-itc.net for more information about webtelligence.



XPLUS offers analysis and pre-implementation diagnosis, strategic and process consulting, IT system implementation and maintenance, solution design, and software development. By creating Dynamics Automated to support implementations and maintenance of IT systems, XPLUS set standards for innovation, reliability and quality of Microsoft Dynamics AX together with absolute predictability of projects based on it. XPLUS pioneering approach and methods promote informed decision making and facilitate communication while they guarantee the possibility of paying for the effect of work that is timely delivered and falls within the agreed scope. Dynamics Automated is ideal for all kinds of Dynamics AX testing, modern user training and examination, streamlining business processes and improved solution performance.



Webtelligence IT consulting belongs to the webtelligence corporate group. In recent years, numerous data warehouse, business intelligence and reporting projects have been realised within this group. webtelligence IT consulting GmbH provides professional services for the Microsoft SQL Server database platform. In particular, advises on issues regarding how to operate it in a Microsoft Dynamics AX environment, as well as in the areas of data warehousing und business intelligence. The company supports high-end midsize companies, together with nationally and internationally oriented enterprises and organisations, with numerous associated project solutions. webtelligence IT consulting also offer solutions to monitor the availability and performance of an organization's IT services and applications, end-to-end. This knowledge greatly enhances the transparency and governance of service level agreements offered by outsourced IT or corporate service providers.



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By creating Dynamics Automated to support implementations and maintenance of IT systems, XPLUS set standards for innovation, reliability and quality of Microsoft Dynamics AX together with absolute predictability of projects based on it.

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