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If you deliver Microsoft Dynamics-based solutions, you suffer from many pains we address. See how you can benefit using our methods and tools, generate higher profits and create more satisfactory customer (or IT-Business) relations by delivering more value.



Area Benefit EA* KB* DC*
Presales Presales scenarios created with few clicks (by selecting appropriate Processes and corresponding Functions)    
Selected Processes may be shown to the potential customer as the Automat running    
Project Management & Operations Integration Management & Collaboration – Knowledge Base stores all knowledge created and transformed during implementation process by a team (architects, consultants, developers etc)
Reports any changes to Scope Baseline, supporting Change Management
Scope Management – The scope is divided into precise, manageable parts – called Functions
Function represents Business Process Step. Prevents scope creep
Progress Management – Knowledge Base monitors scope definition progress showing all necessary knowledge bits to be planed and acquired    
Schedule Management – through practical use of Earned Value Management method    
Budget Management - Predictable, meaningful project budgets    
Risk Management - risk mitigation. Risk limited to a Function (vs Module), highly manageable    
Agile Project Management support    
Quality Assurance Easy Test Script creation and maintenance    
Full Regression Test done every night    
No more time spent on manual testing    
Every testing job is recorded and subject to reuse    
Training & Assistance
(Internal Resources and
End Customers)
Training automation      
  • Scripts containing hints, guidance and voice recordings to follow by the trainee
Examination automation      
  • Script mode allowing to validate users input against expected values
Assistance automation      
  • Scripts mode allowing to present a contextual hint to the user
Documentation User documentation generated straight from the Script, accessible for every Role  
Access Rights Management Script mode allowing to set rights to Roles responsible to run Function bound to Script    
Product Management Well documented and maintained Products (Product defined as set of Functions    
HR & Payroll Pay for delivering business value not timesheets  
Automated support for Employee Onboarding and Development    
Easy Collaboration without losing focus on the goal    
Support & Maintenance User activity tracking    
Easy knowledge transfer from Projects to Support teams - owing to full Regression Scripts and Automats    
Automatic issue/bug reporting    
Finance Predictable, meaningful project budgets    
Controlling & KPIs All internal/project activities tightly measured and compared against benchmark    

*EA - Executive Automats
*KB - Knowledge Base
*DC - Development Cycle


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