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About Dynamics Automated

Dynamics Automated is a combination of tools and methods that automates MS Dynamics AX-based solution development and maintenance. It consists of two sets of tools: ABC and MMM. Dynamics Automated mission is to empower all businesses using or implementing MS Dynamics AX to embrace excellence and absolute project predictability.

  • What is ABC
    by Dynamics Automated?

    ABC is the first one of two sets of tools that support implementations and maintenance of IT systems. It includes Executive Automats (EA), Knowledge Base (KB) and Development Cycle (DC) and it allows to precisely realize projects, account for them in a convenient way and to ensure the solution's quality. EA are ideal for all kinds of Dynamics AX testing, modern user training and examination, streamlining business processes and improved solution performance.

  • Executive Automats (EA) - Test & Train

    – record and replay AX user actions in 12 modes serving different purposes
    Executive Automats is a tool for AX testing and training automation, to name its main usage areas. It records AX user actions and replays them on demand in 12 modes serving different purposes. Their nightly regression tests guarantee unprecedented quality standards and a perfectly stable, reliable solution. EA automatically produce various valuable materials that are easily adaptable and reusable, e.g. in end user training. In addition, EA are fully compatible with all AX versions and very intuitive in use.

  • Knowledge Base (KB) - Store & Share

    – collaboration platform and knowledge repository hosting knowledge bits and their references
    Knowledge Base is a business knowledge repository and a collaboration platform with a number of special features that allow to manage the dynamic process of extending and refining knowledge effectively. It is capable of holding multiple modelling structures created in it, it organizes knowledge in small and easily manageable knowledge bits, hosts all of their versions together with their references and encourages actual improvement of the company’s performance by enabling easy refinement of its approach and resources, so that every starting point is a better one.

    • Development Cycle (DC) - Grain & Go

      – optimal decomposition of implementation process and knowledge structure
      Development Cycle is a new approach to system implementation that intends optimal decomposition of the implementation process together with using a granular knowledge structure that reflects all information on process steps and corresponding solution functions, including their completion status which is crucial to paying for effect. Implementing the system according to Development Cycle promotes paying only for what was required and delivered on time and in compliance with requirements outlined in the project analysis document. DC presents an organisation with manageable solution parts and development steps which contributes greatly to increase of efficiency of the implementation process and which ensures its stable final outcome.

  • What is MMM
    by Dynamics Automated?

    MMM is the second one of two sets of tools that support effective project management, real-time adapting to change and results optimization. It includes Budget Master (BM), Efforts Meter (EM) and Results Mentor (RM) and it is ideal for professional and comprehensive management of projects, products and departments at a company using Microsoft Dynamics AX.

  • Budget Master (BM) - Plan & Do

    – look before you leap and leap safely
    Budget Master is a tool for creating a budget for projects, products or departments that helps with planning your income and costs. It therefore facilitates making plans for the profitability of your projects, products and departments as such and then managing it, for instance by estimating and planning labour intensity.

    Regular updates made in Budget Master help to manage your budget proactively (shaping reality so that it could realize your budget) and reactively (making necessary changes to adapt to unforeseen events so that they couldn’t jeopardise your budget’s implementation). BM comes with two components which are Resources Allocation Calendar (RAC) and Profitability Spreadsheet (PS).  

  • Efforts Meter (EM) - Count & Know

    – enable work time registration in 0 seconds
    Efforts Meter registers tasks performed for the benefit of projects, products and departments. It allows to decompose complex tasks into individual stages (Works) and assign them to staff members in one of 8 modes of delegating responsibilities. With EM you can easily monitor official work advancement (Actual Cost), manage your employees’ tasks, send works to the job market, split tasks into works without limitations, track your work progress with the works’ statuses, receive works and grant earned value. Efforts Meter makes it possible to register work-time in different ways. Workers can  do it manually within literally 1 second. Alternatively, the tool can register their work-time on their behalf. In the latter case your staff may not be aware of it and doesn’t have to participate in this process at all. 

  • Results Mentor (RM) - Check & Act

    – get data on how your company performs against how it should perform
    Results Mentor is a tool that enables easy settlement between the departments and precise financial control. It also gathers data and provides them in a form of sophisticated reports that can be freely defined and distributed. Thanks to this Results Mentor promotes informed decision making as it allows to show specific data to the chosen individuals as required. This can significantly help you shape reality when it comes to your business and staff. Some of the most interesting reports include Personal Achievements, Team Bonus Forecast and Productive Results (which shows 16 signs of the employee’s operational effectiveness and economic profitability).


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